Since 2007 I have been creating products that my fur friends love, I now want to share those products with your best furry friends.


Where It All Started

My little shop all started after teaching sailing for four years.  I was enthralled with knots; always wanting to learn more intricate and difficult ones.  

When I decided to leave the water to go back to school in Colorado.  I knew that I would return to the sea if I didn't have anything to keep me on land.  That is where my love for dogs took over.  I adopted a boxer (Trey) to keep me grounded and help me through school.  There was just one problem; Trey was happy wherever we were as long as he was with me.  That meant he would be happy on a boat, and I knew plenty of sailing dogs!  So my plan had an obvious flaw.  I knew that this wouldn't work so off to the shelter I went to get Trey a friend.

Keeva (shepherd mix), Trey's new best friend, was also happy where ever we were.  My saving grace was that I knew no one would hire me with two large dogs in tow.  My desire to return to the sea was growing stronger and being in Colorado there is no sea near-by.  So one day I picked up one of my knot books and realized that a lot of these knots could also be used as dog toys.

At this same time I was working at a pet boarding facility and one of our resident trainers approached me about a dog in her rescue.  Side note; she runs a Shiba Inu rescue and she was discussing a Pit Bull.  The Pit Bull was a very sick little puppy and she was looking for a home with well socialized dogs that would nurture him.  Since I was in school and didn't want a third dog I agreed to foster him for the summer until classes started again in the fall.  Well the little guy grew on me and the idea of only fostering him quickly went away.

So now that Odin joined the family I was having to purchase three of every toy, leash, collar, bed, etc.  As a non-traditional college student working full time my pocket book couldn't handle the pressure.  I again turned back to my knowledge of knots to make the toughest natural fiber toys and leashes by hand.  I have recently branched out into the super tough paracord world for my leashes. 

My friends saw what I was doing and wanted items for their dogs.  And so Ugly Mutt Pets was born.  Offering the best products I can make for your pets.

I am proud to offer all U.S. produced products with materials sourced from right here in the United States.  The cotton for the toys and cotton leashes is grown and processed in North Carolina, while the paracord for leashes is manufactured in Alabama. It is good to know where your purchases come from.